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Book with ​Old West Barber Reno's first member only barbershop to day. A haircut shouldn't be a chore where you show up wait for an hour and then get a fifteen minute bad service because the barber works on volume...or your going to a salon where they can't use a straight razor. Don't be fooled only barbers in NV can shave and use a razor, trim and groom facial hair if it doesn't have a Barber pole at the entrance it's not a barbershop in Nevada.

It’s one thing to be a “regular” somewhere, but being a Member is something above and beyond.

Memberships come with privileges!

Discounts on all barber services and products

Massage Essence membership waved 1 hr Massages $44 no monthly fee.




​Gent’s Wax ( uni-brow “that patch between the brows – don’t knock it, until you’ve tried it) 

 Gent's Hair Color 
 Gent’s Facial
 Beard & Moustache Grooming
 Neck Shave
 Head Shave



come with membership

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